Team Ana

Ana's family Dec 21st 2009

“I always receive unbelievable support from my family,” says Ana. “I owe them a lot”.

Ana is very close to her family and vice versa; they attend tournaments whenever they can. Her mother Dragana is omnipresent throughout the year, while father Misha and brother Milos always attend the French Open and Wimbledon plus a few other events each year.

Dan Holzmann, founder and owner of Ana's management company Dec 21st 2009

During Ana’s meteoric rise in 2007, the tale of how she met and started a professional relationship with Swiss businessman Dan Holzmann became a story in itself. The 41-year-old first met Ana when she was 14 and was immediately impressed with her credentials.

Ana was in need of financial assistance as she chased her goal of becoming a professional. Dan, who is the chief executive of NSA AG, a licence holder of Juice PLUS + ®, the world’s biggest-selling nutritional supplement in capsule form, invited Ana and her family to meet him in Basel.

Gavin Versi, Director of Ana's management company Dec 21st 2009

Gavin is primarily responsible for Ana's media activities, including arranging interviews, attending photoshoots, and overseeing her website. He also serves as a client manager for Ana's sponsors.

Gavin graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2004. By this time he had already established himself as a leading tennis writer, after co-authoring an exclusive about match-fixing that appeared on the front page of The Sunday Telegraph a year earlier.

Zlatko Novkovic, Fitness Trainer Nov 28th 2013

Zlatko has worked with Ana on-and-off for several years and was appointed as her full-time fitness coach in the summer of 2013.

He studied at University of Belgrade and has contributed to several academic papers in relation to sport and fitness. He worked with a number of footballers, basketball and volleyball players before turning his attentions to tennis.

Zlatko holds a black belt in karate and has won various medals in national and European events. He is married to Milica, with whom he has a daughter, Iva.