Australia in review

Australia in review

I leave Melbourne with mixed emotions, but overall I'm happy. I played some good tennis and only lost to a great player who is maybe the very best on the Tour at the moment.

It's been an exhausting month of tournaments. I played three tournaments in a row and it took a lot out of me. I've decided not to go back to Europe for the Fed Cup. I've only just recovered from the virus I picked up during the Australian Open, and I'm going to be very careful with my schedule and traveling this year, considering the Olympics and the packed summer months.

The Olympics are a big priority for me this year and I'm going to do everything I can to make sure I am in top shape for them, which unfortunately means skipping some events I was tempted to play during the first half of the year.

Probably the biggest positive for me during the Australian Open was the improvement in my serve. I felt it becoming a weapon again, and not something that I had to worry about, and that's huge. It's no secret that when your serve is working, the other parts of your game seem to click.

This is an area Nigel and I worked hard on during the off-season and of course there is still lots of room for improvement. Another area I want to improve in is being more aggressive, but that comes with confidence and I'm feeling better on court with each match.

Nigel is great to have around, to help me stay grounded in terms of my ambitions. He reminds me that it is a long process and we should not get too down if we don't get the results tomorrow - they will come eventually, I really believe that.

I think it's true in all areas of life and not just in tennis - hard work pays off!

Thanks for all your support during the Australian summer.