Doubles partners

Doubles partners

There isn’t much to write about at the moment. I am just spending time practising in Switzerland. So I will write a little bit about doubles.

At the moment I don’t have a constant doubles partner. There are a few I’d like to play with but they have agreements with other players.

I’d like to have a partner that I could play with more often. If you play tournaments with different players you have to get to know them, but just as you get familiar with them it is time to play with another one!

I find it very useful to play doubles when I’m changing surfaces – the first few tournaments on a new surface are really good to play doubles. You get more feel for the court.

It’s also good to play doubles at tournaments that don’t have such good practice arrangements. Playing doubles helps. Of course, it also especially helps with my volleys too.

How I arrange to play with another player changes. Sometimes I will talk to them myself or at other times my coach Zoltan will do it.

Next week I am playing doubles in Warsaw with Maria Kirilenko, which is great. I feel we are bonding very well.

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