End of season…

End of season…

I fell like this season ended too soon for me. During the last two tournaments I could feel that I am getting better and better, I had a good rhythm and started hitting something like my best form from the very beginning of the season.

Yet another defeat against Patty. It is hard to believe that on all three indoor tournaments I played this year I lost to Patty. This time I played better and got closer. I think I know what is the best tactics to play Patty and I am sure next time I’ll do much better.

Now is the time to look back and analyse the past season and make plans for the forthcoming one. One thing for sure, I had a great season. Today I am 16th in the world and I started the year as 100th. This was my first year on the tour and everything was new. I played some good matches and had some great wins against top players. I had a few hard defeats, which thought me a lot. I always wanted more and secretly hoped for a top ten finish but the injury sustained in Toronto affected me a lot.

Anyway, there is plenty of time for better results, I know what I need to work on and I look forward to the next season. I am happy working with my team and we all are very positive and enthusiastic about the future.

Another big thanks you for all your letters and messages.