Greetings from Monterrey, Mexico

Greetings from Monterrey, Mexico

I finally made it to Monterrey! For years now Hernan, the tournament director, and his family have been inviting me and unfortunately it's never fit with my schedule, but this year we made it work :)

I felt that I reached a very high level of tennis in Miami, and it was important that I play another tournament soon after, rather than waiting almost a month until the Fed Cup.

The Sierra Madre Tennis Club is a beautiful facility, with mountains in the background. I've been humbled by the welcome I've received, and flattered by all the kind words of the local tennis fans.

On Sunday night we had the player party, which was fun and a lovely laid-back atmosphere around a pool. I enjoyed the Mariachi music and the food was very good.

There are some great Japanese fusion restaurants that serve sushi with a Mexican twist: I tried one on Saturday night and I'll be visiting some more during the week. I really hope I have a long stay here.