I took my opportunities

I took my opportunities

It feels good to be in the second round. First match of grand slam there is always a little bit nerves so you don’t often play your best tennis. You hope to improve each round.

I began to focus a little bit more when I went behind break yesterday. That was wrong – I should have started from the beginning! In all matches I try and focus and concentrate and find my rhythm but she made it very hard for me. The low balls she hit made it hard to attack. I tried to move her little bit. I’m just pleased I could take the opportunities.

I think more and more players know about my game and maybe don’t hit much to my forehand. Last year they probably didn’t know much about me but now they all know more about how I play. It’s definitely going to be much harder for me but I’m also improving my game and finding out about theirs.

She served very well. But at important moments I could get into her serve and that was very important. I didn’t have rhythm on my serve. I made a lot of mistakes on first serves. I was concentrating a lot more on precision than power, so I didn’t hit any really fast ones.

I wasn’t able to watch much of the day matches yesterday. I practiced then we had to leave the club to go to embassy and get our visas renewed. But I saw Serena’s match last night. I think it was a good win for her. Li Na had some chances in the first set but she didn’t use them then Serena became stronger, especially in the third set.

I hope I have time to write to you again soon. Grand slam is very busy!

All the best,


PS. I read someone say I speak very good English. Thank you. But I think I write better than I speak! I still make lots of mistakes!