I will stay in Melbourne

I will stay in Melbourne

Of course I am disappointed to have lost in the Second Round of Australian Open. Sam played really good and I made a lot of mistakes. I will learn from it and become a better player. I have belief in myself.

I am staying in Melbourne for another week. Then I will go to Tokyo for next tournament. I like Melbourne very, very much. It’s my favourite city. My uncle lives here and I also have some friends here. We sometimes go out for coffee.

I will practice for an hour or so each day at the club. I am playing doubles with Novak and that will be a good experience. Of course we take it seriously, but it is not as stressful as singles.

It is so hot now! The last few days it has got very, very hot. It is sometimes windy too, which can make it feel like being in an oven!

They have a beauty salon here called Garnier World where players can get massage and hair cut. I haven’t been there yet but maybe I will go now because I have more time!

thanks everyone for your support.
Bye for now