I'm excited about the Australian Open

I'm excited about the Australian Open

It’s nice to be back to Melbourne. I am excited about the Australian Open. I am familiar with the courts because I did a lot of training on them before Christmas and I hope that will help me during the tournament.

I am focusing only on my opponent in round one, Shenay Perry. There aren’t any easy matches in professional tennis, despite what some people say. You have to forget the other’s person’s ranking. If you do not concentrate fully on the match anyone can beat you.

The Australian Open is a fantastic tournament. It is very well run and popular not just with the players but with the media and fans. There is excitement here about the new season. I am also very happy that a lot of Serbians come to the tournament.

For me it is really good because I have family here. Family is very important to me and I prefer my mother to travel with me. She will accompany me to the tournaments this year and my father and brother will also come to some.

Me and my mother have an extremely good relationship and understanding. She is more like a friend, mentor, shoulder to cry when I need it, a good companion. We discuss things to a great length, but decisions are purely mine. I consider myself very independent in many ways.

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