I'm very optimistic about this season

I'm very optimistic about this season

I've just about caught my breath, after such an exciting start to the season. To win my first nine matches was like a dream, really, because I didn't have any expectations when I started in Auckland.

If someone had offered me the Auckland title and beating Serena at the Australian Open I'd have taken it for sure. Of course I'm disappointed that I couldn't beat Bouchard, and that I've had to pull out of Paris with an injury, but I am trying to focus only on the positives and I already have good momentum. 

I really wanted to use this great start, and take my good form into Paris but unfortunately it's not to be: I have to rest for a few more days before I start training again. But I'm very confident I'll be fit for Doha and Dubai, which start in two weeks.

Beating Serena was obviously one of the biggest wins of my career. Actually, it's probably only behind winning the French Open, in terms of handling the occasion. The way Serena was playing, it was like everyone expected her to win the tournament. 

It's no secret that Serena is by far the most intimidating player to face: it's easy to look at her game and wonder how you're going to be able to beat her. I had never won a set against her before, and of course that creates some doubts. But this time around, I had a new mindset. With my new team, I am feeling a lot more confident and enjoying my tennis more. I think that was a bit part of my success in Melbourne: being relaxed, and enjoying the tight moments.

It would have been nice to go even further but I've now got a good base, and I'm high in the Race - now it's a case of staying there and achieving my goal of qualifying for Singapore.

I received incredible support in Melbourne. Thank you, guys!