Let the Games begin!

Let the Games begin!

I arrived in London yesterday for the Olympics. There's so much energy and excitement in the air. This is a very special time to be in London and I feel privileged to be here.

I've dreamed about playing in the Olympics for many years, and withdrawing from the 2008 Beijing Games was probably the toughest moment of my career.

Being in the Olympic Village in China, with all the other athletes, and practising at the facility, it just adds to my expectation and eagerness to step onto court here to compete.

The one positive to come out of my experience in Beijing was the time I spent with athletes from the Serbian team, who competed in different sports. It was fascinating learning about how they train and prepare for their events.

The one frustrating thing about this year's event is that Wimbledon is so far from the Olympic Village, especially in the heavy traffic we are seeing at the moment.

I will visit the Village this week but then during the tournament I will be busy with practice, matches and recovery (I'm playing singles and mixed doubles with Nenad Zimonjic), so I probably won't be able to go and watch other sports, which is a shame.

Wimbledon looks very different - there is purple everywhere! It will feel strange also to see everyone not wearing white for a change.

Everyone I have met so far seems so happy to be here and now we just can't wait for the Games to begin.