The media

The media

I hope that by reading my website you will learn more about me but also more about tennis and how the sport works. It is a very specialised world! From time to time I will try and write to you about some interesting parts of tennis.

First of all I will write about the media.

Tennis has a strict interview system. I think that in some other sports you don’t have to do interviews after matches if you don’t want to, but in tennis you get fined if you don’t. It’s part of the game.

After you finish a match you go to the changing room, do some stretches and probably use the exercise bike. During this time it is good to try to review the match so you are ready to answer questions about it! I try to think a little bit about what I did right and what I did wrong.

Then you have a shower, then go to the interview room. Sometimes there is just one journalist waiting to interview you, sometimes there are many. Usually I answer questions in English first and then in Serbian. One of the biggest press conferences I did was at the French Open last year after I beat Mauresmo.

In the beginning it was a little bit strange. I was very nervous before every interview. But then you get used to it, and you become a lot more confident to talk with the press and even with the television. I think that the better you deal with it the easier it is for everyone.

The worst thing is when journalists ask strange questions, like they sometimes ask me why another player is doing badly. It has nothing to do with me so I don’t know what to say. But I try to be polite.

I don’t really read articles about myself. I only like to read if it was a very good article, even if it was critical. But I don’t like too much to read about myself.

Fed Cup starts very soon! I am excited. I will try and write to you again when I am in Bulgaria.

All the best