Melbourne is my favourite city to visit

Melbourne is my favourite city to visit

We are flying to Tokyo on Friday. Obviously the Australian Open didn’t go how I wanted but I don’t want to look back. Of course I will try to learn from what happened and try to become a better player. I am a very positive person and know that I am still young so there will be lots more opportunities.

Unfortunately this year I didn’t have a chance to go sightseeing in Melbourne. Last year I went on a boat in the Yarra river, which was a lot of fun, but this year I was busier. I did go to a hotel here with a lobby on one of the top floors. It was all glass so you could see almost the whole of the city. It was really beautiful, seeing all the lights.

Melbourne is actually my favourite city to visit. I have my uncle who lives in Menton, which is close by, and I have some friends too so we sometimes go out for coffee.

Something I else I did here was to go to the player’s party at the Hyatt hotel. There weren’t too many players there but it was very nice. The music was good. It was R & B, which is my favourite.

There was also a photo shoot I did with some other players for Whirlpool, one of the sponsors of women’s tennis. It was very much fun. I’m very flattered that they invited me to this happening. I think the pictures are going to appear in magazines so I am curious to see what they will look like.

I will try and write to you again when I get to Tokyo. Thank you again to everyone who supported me in Melbourne or at home!