Memories of Bali

Memories of Bali

What an end to the season! I had such a good time in Bali. The tournament director was joking with me and my team, that I enjoyed my last trip there - especially the beaches - a little too much, as I lost in the first round!

So I'm glad I put that right, and proved that I can play good tennis even in the most relaxing environments!

It definitely felt a little unusual, to be in such a beautiful place, full of resorts and people on holiday, while we were competing in an intense tournament. But it was the perfect combination and it brought out some of my best tennis.

When I arrived I was a little concerned about the court: the orange colour was cool, but I thought it was a little bit fast, and it felt so strange to play without the doubles lines. But I soon I came to love it. It was such fun to play on, and helped produce some great tennis. I didn't see much action aside from my matches, but everyone I spoke to said that the quality of tennis was very high. Definitely I felt that that was the case in my matches. The match against Date is one I will remember for a long time.

I will also remember the hospitality we received, and the incredible support of the crowd. During the warm-up on Saturday, against Date, they sang "Happy Birthday", and I couldn't stop laughing. Also, the on-court announcer James was a very funny guy, and he would make jokes when he introduced the players, so it was hard to concentrate during the warm-ups!

Against Kleybanova I felt really good on the court. My confidence is back and tennis is so much more fun when you are confident about your game. She has so much power, but I feel like I did a good job of neutralizing it. My serve helped me a lot all week.

So now I will have a short holiday, then begin training for next season. Melbourne can't come soon enough! My holiday will be short, but then I am someone who finds it hard to totally switch off: I am an active person and, call me crazy, I am looking forward to the hard physical work that I will do in this preparation period.

Thank you very much for all your special birthday wishes, including the video messages I received.