My training

My training

I had some spare time (unfortunately! I would rather be playing in Sydney still) so thought I would write and let you know more about the work I did during off-season.

As well as our usual training, Zoltan and I spent an enormous amount of time working on tactics during the off-season. It is still a learning process, but the progress is evident and it will come with the experience. I have already established a high risk and sort of aggressive style. I like to be a dominant player on the court, I can describe myself more like a fighter than a defender even though I am aware that is not always the best option – a balance would be an ideal.

While we are talking about training, here is something about the work I do with Pierre Paganini. As some of you know, he is the fitness trainer for Roger Federer. Federer is mentioned during our workouts in the most positive and beneficial ways as a good example of achievements, but my work with Pierre is specifically designed for me. It is very individual, suiting my needs, my built, the age. As a professional, Pierre has the same attitude towards the players he is working with. I am very happy to have him as part of my team.

I will try and write to you again before the Australian Open starts.

Take care,