Progress report

Progress report

As I write this I still feel a lot of frustration regarding my Indian Wells semi-final. I felt like I was playing very well and had a good chance to win it when I became injured. I know it’s part of the sport, and it’s probably the most difficult part!

It’s harder to deal with than losses really, because you feel like you didn’t get the chance to test yourself properly.

Still, there are obviously a lot of positives to take away from this tournament. I really love Indian Wells! It’s one of the tournaments where I always seem to do well and enjoy myself so much.

The tournament is so well organized. I have some friends who sometimes visit and they also love it. If I were a fan and not a player, this is the tournament I would always try to go to, along with the Australian Open.

Playing three top 10 players in a row – Wozniacki, Bartoli and Sharapova – was a lot of fun. I’ve missed that feeling of competing regularly against the top players, but I am confident I will be experiencing it again in the not too distant future. I am definitely moving in the right direction and I think I’m just about top 10 according to results this year only.

Fortunately my injury, a glute strain, doesn’t seem serious and I was told by the doctors that I should be okay for Miami next week. I’ll work hard with my physio over the next few days to do everything possible to get fit.

Assuming I stay healthy, the next few months are full of opportunities for me. I will play five events during the clay court season: I’ve decided to add Stuttgart to my schedule, and the weekend that before I will play Fed Cup in Russia. 

This is a historic moment as Serbia plays in  the semi-finals for the first time. It will be a tough match but we are all very optimistic.