Spending time with my family

Spending time with my family

Preparations for the Fed Cup next week are in full swing! I am also having a great time visiting my friends and family in Belgrade. I have missed everyone a lot!

I’m not really the party type so I don’t like going out too much when I am in Belgrade, just occasionally. I prefer staying at my family’s home and having dinner together and just talking or watching DVDs. I like the home atmosphere.

I am also close to both my grandmothers. They always keep track of my progress and keep magazine and newspaper cuttings, which is really nice. My grandparents gave me a ring which I always wear, even to play matches.

If I do go out it is usually to a nightclub, where they play R&B and house music and sometimes domestic music. I don’t really drink alcohol, my favourite drink is a fruit cocktail.

Like most girls, one of my favourites hobbies is going shopping. I am controlled with my spending, I don’t just buy things for the sake of it.

I know that some players play other sports in her spare time but I don’t really play many other sports, only when I’m on holiday. But I like very much basketball and volleyball.

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