Time flies!

Time flies!

Doesn’t time fly? It seems so recent that I was in London, going to the player party before Wimbledon, and playing in The Championships. When I think that this is the 10th year I’ve played here, including junior tournaments, it’s scary!

Wimbledon is a special tournament not only because of the traditions of the Club but the local area: I like to rent a house nearby, along with most other players. The tournament is unique in this way: we stay in hotels for the rest of the year.

Because we’re in houses a lot of players invite their families and we take advantage of having a kitchen – my Mum often cooks for us and I’ve also prepared some meals over the years, although nothing special!

Obviously Serena is a big favourite for the women’s title, but anything can happen – that’s the beauty of sport. I’m sure she’ll feel extra pressure because everything seems to expect her to win. Sometimes people forget how difficult it is to win seven matches during a Grand Slam, even if you’re the best player in the world.

My own form has been pretty good in practice this past week. I was obviously really disappointed with myself in Eastbourne – I didn’t adapt to the conditions and the match got away from me quite quickly. That’s something I have to be careful about next week: on grass there isn’t much time to find your rhythm. You can’t really work yourself into the match, instead you have to be ready from the first point.

This is something that’s particularly relevant for my first round match against Virginie Razzano, because she is capable of hitting a lot of winners in a short space of time. I have to make sure that it is me who is hitting the winners and attacking.

It's nice to be scheduled first so there shouldn't be much waiting around, unless it rains. I also really like Court 2, which is one of the new courts.