Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas

Before arriving in Indian Wells I spent around 10 days training in Las Vegas as part of the adidas Player Development Programme. I worked with Darren Cahill and of course my hitting partner and trainer were with me. It was such a fun trip.

We developed a routine of practice in the morning, lunch at a local wholefood shop, then an afternoon practice or the gym - sometimes both. On the court, one of the highlights was hitting with Lleyton Hewitt. Of course, I didn't miss the opportunity to remind him about our Hopman Cup victory over him and Alicia Molik! He took it in his stride.

My team and I visited The Strip a few times in the evenings. I stayed there last time I was in town but it was a little too intense for my liking, and quite far from the courts. But visiting in the evenings was great fun. I went to see the "O" show at the Bellagio hotel for the second time and I highly recommend it. We were in the second row: I'm glad we were't in row A as they pulled out some audience members to join them on-stage!

The other show I saw was The Beatles. I wasn't all that familiar with their music but now my appetite has been whetted. It was totally different to "O", which is quite balletic, because it was a lot more exhiliarating, and more fun overall.

There are so many exciting activities on offer in Vegas, for example a theme park and many shows, then of course there's the gambling (I played a little roulette!). I am sure I will be back there in the future.