The World Cup

The World Cup

After the French Open I went to Belgrade to visit some family. It was a long time since my last visit and I had a lot of catching up to do.

I went to the premiere of Sex and the City 2 and also took part in an event for my sponsor Verano: a shopping party at the Zira mall. I was fortunate to be visited by my friend Sorana Cirstea, and I really enjoyed showing her some parts of the city.

Right now I’m practising in Sweden – Sofia Arvidsson invited me and it was a good decision to prepare for my next grass court tournaments here. The weather has been great and the surroundings are stunning.

I’m looking forward to the UNICEF Open next week. As well as being a very well-run event, this year we have UNICEF as a partner and it’s great to see a tournament supporting this cause so well. There will be a few fun things surrounding the tournament, to raise awareness about UNICEF.

While I am looking forward to the tournament in Rosmalen, I know that most people are excited about the World Cup, which begins tomorrow.

I will be supporting Serbia of course. I am not a huge football fan but I always follow Serbia in major competitions and I’m looking forward to watching some matches this month. I know we have a good team and a good coach, and we have a chance to qualify for the knock-out stages. It’s going to be an exciting tournament.

I don’t really have a favourite player. I’ve met a few, for example Savo Milosevic, who is a very nice guy. I’ve also met Ivan Ergic, who plays in Switzerland. If I had to choose someone it would probably be Milosevic, because I went to his last ever game for Serbia, but he's retired now. From the non-Serbian players, I like Kaka.

Depending on my match schedule, I’ll be watching on TV in Holland, and then in London too during Wimbledon. My father and brother will be in Wimbledon and they are much bigger football fans than me, so we’ll all watch together.