Get even closer. Ana's diary!

Desert life Mar 8th 2006

When I wrote to you a few days ago I was still jetlagged after the 12 hour flight and hadn’t really got a chance to see Indian Wells. Now I have got used to the surroundings I think it is a lovely place.

After playing my last two tournaments indoors in Tokyo and Antwerp I am adapting to the outside conditions again. It’s a very pleasant temperature, not too hot and almost perfect for practice.

Match preparation Mar 6th 2006

My first match in Indian Wells should be at the end of the week. Because there isn’t any tennis to talk about at the moment I will tell you more about my preparation for matches.

I like to practice a little bit before a match, then take some time to change into my outfit. The locker room can be very noisy but there is usually a nice big sofa that you can sit on to relax. Before a match you want to be alone, you don’t want to go out and have conversations with people. But of course I sometimes chat to other players, nothing serious, just casual things.

What's in my racket bag Mar 1st 2006

Preparation is very important in tennis. If you are a professional tennis player you must take it very seriously. This week in Switzerland is about improving and working on some things that will slowly make me a better player. But me and Zoltan also talk about some situations that may arise in my next tournament.

One part of preparation that is simple but very important too – the racket bag! I thought I would tell you what I keep in my racket bag. I hope I didn’t forget anything but here is a list:

- Five rackets
- Extra pair of tennis shoes
- iPod

Training in Switzerland Feb 26th 2006

I am now in Zurich for a week of training before flying to Indian Wells for my next tournament.

Switzerland is where I do my serious court training. There’s a tennis centre very close to my house In Belgrade, about five minutes by car, but I don’t play there much. When I’m in Belgrade I don’t usually practice tennis, instead I work on my conditioning and follow a plan that my fitness trainer Pierre has designed.

Fun week in Belgrade Feb 24th 2006

I have had an enjoyable week at home, resting and spending time with friends and family but also doing other things.

It has been quite busy. I have taken more driving lessons and also studying a little. I am hoping to finish school this year. They have been very good to me, allowing me to take the examinations when it suits my tennis schedule so I am grateful about that.

Regarding tennis, I practiced and also worked on a conditioning plan that my fitness coach Pierre Paganini designed for me. Tomorrow I am leaving for Zurich for a week of fitness work with him.

My house Feb 21st 2006

I promised to tell you a little more about my life in Belgrade, so I will start by telling you about my house. We live in a duplex. On the ground floor we have a kitchen, a dining area, a living room and a bathroom. Upstairs there are three rooms: one for my brother, one for my parents and one for me.

I don’t really like posters so I don’t have any on the wall. I want to renovate my room so I want to paint the walls. The room is not too big but it is comfortable.

I’m back in the rhythm Feb 18th 2006

It seems like a long time since I last wrote. We got back home to Belgrade on Thursday night. I am feeling positive again about my tennis. I was satisfied with my performance in Antwerp. I thought I played at a high level and I realise that in sport you don’t always win even if you play good.

Of course, playing good gives you confidence and I have that again. I feel like I’m back into the rhythm. The deciding point against Petrova was her serve. My serve wasn’t consistent enough and I am going to work on it over the coming weeks.

Back in Belgium Feb 13th 2006

We came to Antwerp on Friday. Even though you don’t often play your first round match until Tuesday it is best to arrive at a tournament early so you can get used to the conditions. Of course, if you play a tournament the previous week that is not possible.

Soon after checking into the hotel I went to the gym to do some running and exercises. Later in the day I practiced for an hour or so then went to bed early. I was feeling tired because I got up at 6am to get the flight from Belgrade. I did the same at the weekend, just practice and conditioning work.

Driving lessons Feb 10th 2006

It was great to see lots of my friends and family after two months away. Even though this week at home has been relaxing compared to travelling on the Tour, I have still been quite busy.

At the moment I am learning to drive. I started last November but I am away so often that it will be tough to get enough lessons before taking the exam.

I'm back in Belgrade Feb 7th 2006

I got back home late on Sunday night. I'm not home for many weeks of the year so it feels good to be back. Last year I was home for more than I expected because of my shoulder injury but even then it was for no more than seven or eight weeks.

The first thing I do when I get back from a tournament is pick up the phone and call everybody to let them know I am back and arrange to meet. The worst thing is unpacking. I must admit, I just put my bags in my room and leave them there for a few days because I prefer to do other things first!