Get even closer. Ana's diary!

I really like the people here Feb 2nd 2006

I’m enjoying my time here very much. I really like the people here because they are very kind and also responsible.

I have recently been reading books about Chinese history and I have an interest in Asia in general – the culture is fascinating. It’s very different to other countries. They have lots of interesting little customs here that you should observe.

For example, it is considered impolite to give and receive gifts or business cards with just one hand – you should use two hands.

It feels great to be back in Japan Jan 30th 2006

After a long flight we arrived in Tokyo. Having to take so many flights is one of the worst things about being a professional tennis player so to keep myself occupied I always carry a book with me. On the plane I read "The Night in Lisbon" by Erich Maria Remarque. It is a very interesting novel about refugees in the Second World War.

Melbourne is my favourite city to visit Jan 26th 2006

We are flying to Tokyo on Friday. Obviously the Australian Open didn’t go how I wanted but I don’t want to look back. Of course I will try to learn from what happened and try to become a better player. I am a very positive person and know that I am still young so there will be lots more opportunities.

I will stay in Melbourne Jan 21st 2006

Of course I am disappointed to have lost in the Second Round of Australian Open. Sam played really good and I made a lot of mistakes. I will learn from it and become a better player. I have belief in myself.

I am staying in Melbourne for another week. Then I will go to Tokyo for next tournament. I like Melbourne very, very much. It’s my favourite city. My uncle lives here and I also have some friends here. We sometimes go out for coffee.

I took my opportunities Jan 17th 2006

It feels good to be in the second round. First match of grand slam there is always a little bit nerves so you don’t often play your best tennis. You hope to improve each round.

I began to focus a little bit more when I went behind break yesterday. That was wrong – I should have started from the beginning! In all matches I try and focus and concentrate and find my rhythm but she made it very hard for me. The low balls she hit made it hard to attack. I tried to move her little bit. I’m just pleased I could take the opportunities.

I'm excited about the Australian Open Jan 15th 2006

It’s nice to be back to Melbourne. I am excited about the Australian Open. I am familiar with the courts because I did a lot of training on them before Christmas and I hope that will help me during the tournament.

I am focusing only on my opponent in round one, Shenay Perry. There aren’t any easy matches in professional tennis, despite what some people say. You have to forget the other’s person’s ranking. If you do not concentrate fully on the match anyone can beat you.

My training Jan 13th 2006

I had some spare time (unfortunately! I would rather be playing in Sydney still) so thought I would write and let you know more about the work I did during off-season.

Forehand winners were the key to my game Jan 10th 2006

I have many reasons to be pleased with my performance today. I succeeded in applying the experience from the last match against Amelie and to dominate the game with strong shots. Forehand winners were the key to my game today but I am also happy with the way I returned Amelie’s trade mark slice shots. Furthermore, today I served much better although I know I have to improve my first serve percentage. However, the most important thing is that I managed to keep my focus and finish the match in two sets. Under these weather conditions this is of vital importance.

I expected a hard match Jan 8th 2006

After arrival to Sydney and two short practice sessions on Saturday, it was decided that I have to play the first match on the first tournament day. Peng is an excellent player and I expected a hard match. The switch to outdoor play affected my first serve the most hence a very low percentage. However, I managed to compensate with a good second serve and some solid play from the baseline.
With a slightly improved timing and a few more practice sessions I expect to raise my game to a higher level.


Hopman Cup is over for us Jan 6th 2006

Hopman Cup is over for us. Thanks for all your support. Although we are sorry that we didn't make the final, I think that both of us can pleased with the way we started our season. This was a good test for us, I played a couple of good matches which after the long training period.

Behind me is a beautiful week in Perth with unforgettable memories. This was one of the nicest tournaments and nicest city I ever visited. I am fascinated by the beautiful sandy beaches and Indian Ocean's turquoise colour.