Get even closer. Ana's diary!

Pleasing victory Jun 24th 2009

I’ve had a lot of tough, close matches in my career and yesterday’s was definitely one of them. It’s always extra satisfying to win a match when you have been match point down.

I’ve done it quite a few times in my career, and a few times here actually. The most important thing in this situation is to try and play without emotions. If you think, “I must win this point” or “I must break her here” then you are putting extra pressure on yourself and that’s never a good thing. Instead, you have to concentrate on your tactics: what you have to do technically to win the point.

London calling Jun 22nd 2009

I’ve been in England for almost two weeks already. I practised at Roehampton before playing Eastbourne. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t so good to begin with, so I wasn’t able to practise on grass as much as I had planned.

Eastbourne is a cute place. I love the sea, so I enjoyed being so close to it during this tournament. The Devonshire Park club is also very nice and the quality of the grass there is fantastic. It’s a shame I couldn’t stay longer.

Happy to be back May 25th 2009

I was quite pleased with my first round match yesterday. I served well for most of the match and I hit a lot of winners. There is a lot to improve on, but for a Grand Slam first round, it was pretty good.

My opponent Sara Errani played very well. She wasn't making many mistakes and gave me a tough match. I'm happy to be through and playing my next match on Wednesday.

Promotion! Apr 27th 2009

I'm still pretty excited following our Fed Cup tie at the weekend. I was happy to contribute a point to the team, and Jelena did a great job in winning both her singles matches. I'm proud that we're finally in the top division of this competition.

I enjoyed the team atmosphere. We have good team spirit and it makes a nice change to be able to speak your mother tongue while at a competition, because usually I am speaking only in English when at tournaments.

Clay court preparation Apr 17th 2009

I've made a good transition from hard courts to clay. It's physically one of the most difficult times of the season, because you have to work on movements that are specific to clay and require a lot of strength in the legs.

I'm happy with how it's gone and I'm continuing to enjoy working with Craig. He will be present during the Fed Cup tie against Spain in two weeks, by the way. I'm sure it's going to be a great event and it's a wonderful opportunity for us to win promotion to the main World Group, to give ourselves a chance of winning the trophy next year.

American adventure Mar 13th 2009

Coming to Indian Wells is always a pleasure. This is one of my favourite tournaments for a few reasons. First of all the organization is great, the stadium seems very new and everyone is so welcoming.

The crowds are great too, even for practice. Then you have the breathtaking views of the mountains and the fresh desert air. I find it very relaxing.

It's a lot different to the other cities we play in: so quiet and peaceful. I'm sure it helped me last year when I won the tournament, and obviously my goal is to win it again.

New York-bound Feb 27th 2009

I’m looking forward to playing Serena again on Monday night in New York. It’s a little strange that we play each other two times in a row, considering that I only played her once in a number of years before this month. I really enjoyed our match in Dubai and felt like I had my chances.

What a week! Feb 10th 2009

I have just had probably the busiest, and certainly one of the most rewarding, weeks of my career. It’s an experience I will never forget.

Where do I start?! Just to backtrack a little bit: I had a very nice holiday in Australia after leaving Melbourne. I also did some fitness work while I was there, and enjoyed the beaches. My surfing has improved a lot!

I arrived in Belgrade on Sunday. Even though the Fed Cup matches didn’t start until Saturday, we spent almost a whole week preparing, and taking part in many off-court activities.

It doesn't get any better than Melbourne Jan 31st 2009

I’ve made no secret of my love for Melbourne or this tournament. I was therefore concerned when I heard reports that its long-term future is not entirely safe.

For me, it simply isn’t even a question: the Australian Open should remain in Melbourne. I am very young and admit I am no expert on the history of the game, but for me as a player I feel that this tournament belongs here as much as any of the other three Grand Slams belong in their current locations. To move any of them would be unthinkable.

Excited about the future Jan 25th 2009

It's been a very exciting first week with many great matches and storylines to follow. Unfortunately, I became one of them on Friday night.

I didn't find anything close to my best tennis here, but I tried my hardest and I cannot do more than that.

Sometimes your game just isn't there. I'm going to take a few days off, maybe have a holiday somewhere in Australia, think about what went wrong and how I can improve.