Ana featured in Vogue and Men's Vogue

Ana featured in Vogue and Men's Vogue

Ana is featured in the new issues of both Vogue (USA) and Men's Vogue, which go on sale in North America today. She took part in a special photoshoot for both publications shortly after Wimbledon.

Under the headline “Mighty Aphrodite” Vogue pictures Ana in a typical English environment. The following is an extract from the feature by Robert Sullivan:

Today she is referred to as one of tennis’s sexiest players by the British press, but to talk to her is to chat with an unassuming young woman who is alternately calm like the Danube on a summer evening—as she is, say, sitting down with her iPod just before a match (“I like to be alone”)—and bubblingly amazed that she is where she is.

“Courtly behaviour” is the headline in Men’s Vogue. Here is an excerpt from Tim Adams’ text:

Ivanovic arrived in London with a reputation. A month earlier she had reached the final of the French Open at Roland Garros with one of the game's fastest serves (up to 125 mph), and she quickly endeared herself to the British crowd by scoring a ticket to the Princess Diana memorial concert at Wembley Stadium. In this world of hyper-focused athletes, Ivanovic displayed a rare quality: She seemed genuinely excited to be at Wimbledon.
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