Ana stars in new 'television series'

Ana stars in new 'television series'

Ana is one of a dozen players currently starring in the “Get Closer to the Tour” television feature, a joint Sony Ericsson/Eurosport series of ‘vignettes’.

The aim of the programmes is to give viewers greater insight into the personalities of their favourite players. The series is divided into four themes: ‘The Real Me’, ‘Inspiration and Performance’, ‘My Tour and Travelling’ and ‘Hobbies and Interests’.

“It is always nice to be asked to take part in something like this,” said Ana, who spent almost an hour filming a series of short clips during the Proximus Diamond Games in Antwerp earlier this year. “Sony Ericsson and Eurosport do a lot of great things for women’s tennis and I hope that the fans enjoy watching this.”

Other players featured include Martina Hingis, Kim Clijsters, Amelie Mauresmo and Anastasia Myskina.

'The Real Me' was broadcast in March, while 'Inspiration and Performance' is currently being screened. The remaining two series of vignettes will be shown, on Eurosport, over the coming months.