Ana on "Tennis Magazin" cover

Ana on "Tennis Magazin" cover

Ana is on the cover of the latest issue of Tennis Magazin in Germany.

The following is an extract from the feature, which is headlined "Queen of Hearts!":

Nearly nobody hits the ball as hard as Ana does. Nearly nobody plays so consistently on all surfaces as Ana does.

She is beautiful, plays very attractive tennis and has charisma. Ana Ivanovic is well on her way becoming a superstar.

But Ana remains decent. There is no arrogance at all. Ana, 20, is used to replying to the question of whether she feels like a superstar: ‘No, I only do what I love – playing tennis with all my heart.’

No website of a sportsman or a sportswoman has been visited as much as Ana’s; not David Beckham’s, not Tiger Wood’s, not Sharapova’s.

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