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Ask Ana #13 May 17th 2006

Vic: Ana, which City in Australia is better? Sydney or Melbourne? In all, when you were 5 yrs old, how many times did you beg your parents to take you to a local tennis school?
Ana: Hi Vic! My favourite city in Australia is Melbourne. The second question is funny! I don’t know how many times but I think it was probably for about one month! Regards, Ana.

Terry Voss: Would you consider yourself more of: Power player, Technician, or Defense oriented?

Ask Ana #12 May 16th 2006

Trent: Hi Ana, I Just wanted to know what your favorite subjects are in terms of schoolwork, and well, based on this, if you were not a tennis player, what do you think you would be? - Huge thank you for your time : )
Ana: Hi Trent. When I was younger I liked a lot maths but lately not so much. Lately I prefer History and Geography. But if I wasn’t a tennis player I would like to do something with languages. I like languages very much. Regards, Ana.

Ana remains at No.20 May 15th 2006

Ana stays at No.20 in the latest Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Rankings, which are published today. Her doubles ranking slips one place to No.85, while her position in the Porsche Race falls two places to No.19.

The 42 points Ana earned for reaching the third round of Rome last year were removed from her total, and replaced with the one point she was awarded with for losing in the first round of Berlin last week, albeit after retiring through injury when 6-1 ahead.

Ask Ana #11 May 13th 2006

sarnian: what's your ethnicity ? From your beautiful eyelids, it seems like a bit asian to me.
Ana: Hi. I am 100% Serbian and Montenegrin! Thanks for the compliment! Regards, Ana.

adario: Hey Ana, I saw your match against Elena Dementieva, hey don't sweat it, we all have bad days, what's life without adversity?.. anyways, my question is- how do you remain focussed, because I'm sure everybody want's something from you these days..

Ask Ana #10 May 11th 2006

Sabrina: Hey Ana! I really enjoy watching you play, and I had a lot of fun watching your match against Elena Dementieva because you two are my favorite players! I was wondering: Do you get nervous before matches, and if so how do you handle your nerves and not let them hurt your game?

Ask Ana #9 May 10th 2006

Alex: Ana, you have spoken in the past of your high regard for men's world # 1 Roger Federer. Have you ever had the chance to speak with him?
Ana: Hi Alex. We had a chance to talk a little bit in Melbourne this year. He’s a great guy. It was great because some time ago I was admiring him, he was a big star for me and then I was chatting to him like a friend! We talked about tennis, practice and things like that. Regards, Ana.

Keith: Hey Ana, In your short but highly successful career, is there one particular match that is your favorite?

Injury update May 9th 2006

Ana had an ultrasound scan after retiring through injury against Na Li this afternoon. The results are encouraging: she did not pull the muscle in her left thigh, instead it appears to be a slight tear. That Ana retired when she did, rather than attempt to finish the match, which she was leading 6-1, was crucial to not worsening the injury.

Updated: Injury forces Ana to retire against Li May 9th 2006

Ana was forced to retire while leading Na Li 6-1 in the first round of the Qatar Telecom German Open. The 18-year-old injured her left thigh, which required strapping late in the first set.

It was a desperately unfortunate turn of events for Ana, who was dominating her opponent, hammering winners off both wings.

The opening two games were shared, but thereafter Ana stormed ahead of the Chinese, overwhelming the 24-year-old, who was runner-up in Estoril last week, with her sheer aggression. She also served very strongly and won several points at the net.

Ana stays at No.20 May 8th 2006

Ana remains at No.20 in the latest Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Rankings, which are published today. However, her points tally has increased, thanks to her quarter-final appearance in last week's J&S Cup in Warsaw.

Furthermore, Ana rises six places in the Porsche Race to No.17. Her doubles ranking also goes up 14 places to No.84, after she and Maria Kirilenko reached the semi-finals in Poland.

The main change inside the singles top 10 sees Justine Henin-Hardenne go from No.5 to No.7.

Updated: Na Li test for Ana May 7th 2006

Ana has been drawn to play China’s Na Li in the first round of the Qatar Telecom German Open, which begins on Monday. It will be Ana’s first meeting with the world No.70, who was runner-up in this week’s Estoril Open.