Ask Ana #10

Ask Ana #10

Sabrina: Hey Ana! I really enjoy watching you play, and I had a lot of fun watching your match against Elena Dementieva because you two are my favorite players! I was wondering: Do you get nervous before matches, and if so how do you handle your nerves and not let them hurt your game?
Ana: Hey. Before every match I get a little bit nervous but actually it is a good thing because if you don’t get a little bit nervous something is wrong, you just aren’t focused enough. I try to spend a little bit of time alone, to listen to the music if I’m really too nervous. I can say that practice is very important for the preparation. And you should just try to play well and not focus on other stuff. Regards, Ana.

Yevgeny: Hello, Ana. My name is Yevgeny. I'm from Russia. I like you, Ana, and how you play. Tell me about your color, dreams, hopes. Also say me what is your favorite type of court? Will you come in Moscow on Cremlin Cup? Do you speak Russian? See next time. I'll wait your answer. Bye.
Ana: Hi Yevgeny! My dream is to be No.1 and win Grand Slams. My favourite court is hard courts, probably the faster ones because it’s good for my serve. I haven’t decided my schedule for autumn yet but I definitely want to play Kremlin Cup soon. But I don’t speak Russian! Regards, Ana.

Emilie: hello, i am French, and i would like knowing if the French Open is one your fav tournaments, if you have french friends & if u speak it thanx
Ana: Hi Emilie! The French Open is definitely one of my favourite tournaments. I will never forget the experience there last year and I hope to have more great memories in future. Unfortunately I don’t speak French! I know some French people but not very well. I haven’t been playing long but maybe soon I will make friends with some French players! Regards, Ana.

Katarina: I guess that you don't have a lot of time to hang with the other tennis players, but i wonder who is your favourite girl on the tour, who are you friends with?
Ana: Hey Katarina. I am friends with some of the younger players. I like very much Daniela Hantuchkova and Svetlana Kuznetova. I am also friends with Sanja Ancic and of course the girls I have played doubles with like Maria Kirilenko, Sania Mirza, Nicole Vaidisova and Tina Krizan.

Zoran: By being a member of Partizan family (TC Partizan), do you follow what's happening with other Partizan sports clubs, such as football, basketball, etc.
Ana: Hi Zoran. Yes, I support all Partizan teams! I am proud to be a member of the club. Regards, Ana.