Ask Ana #11

Ask Ana #11

sarnian: what's your ethnicity ? From your beautiful eyelids, it seems like a bit asian to me.
Ana: Hi. I am 100% Serbian and Montenegrin! Thanks for the compliment! Regards, Ana.

adario: Hey Ana, I saw your match against Elena Dementieva, hey don't sweat it, we all have bad days, what's life without adversity?.. anyways, my question is- how do you remain focussed, because I'm sure everybody want's something from you these days..
Ana: Hey adario. During matches I just try to stay positive. I like to see only the positive things I’ve done, the very good shots and try to focus on each point. Regards, Ana.

Danijel: Hi, Ana. Are you and Novak Djokovic lovers?
Ana: No!! Novak and I are really good friends and we have known each other for a long time. Regards, Ana.

Rik: Hey Ana, you've been playing tennis since you were 5 years old, right... I was wondering, didn't you miss something being so young. Because kids play with their friends en have fun all the time. I know playing tennis gives you more fun than anything else of course, but still, didn't you want to just play and have fun with your friends, instead of playing tennis all the time? Just wanna say you are a fantastic tennis player and you have a lot of prospective... Thnxx in advance.... Rik.
Ana: Hi Rik. This is an interesting question. I don’t really think about this. I had a great childhood and I am very grateful to my parents for everything they did for me. Of course I played a lot of tennis but I also had fun with my friends! So I don’t think that I missed out on something, but I did make sacrifices. I think that in life there are always positives and some negatives in anything important that you do, and it is definitely this way with being a professional tennis player. I miss some things but there are many, many positives too and I really love what I’m doing. Thank you for the compliment! Regards, Ana.

Stephen: Hi Ana, Are you going to play in the DFS Classic Grass Court tournament in Birmingham, England this year ? It would be great to see you play in my home town ? Regards, STEPHEN
Ana: Hi Stephen. I’m not playing in Birmingham this year. I decided to prepare for Wimbledon by training on grass after the French Open then playing the Ordina Open in Rosmalen. Last year I was hoping to play in Eastbourne but I was injured. I am looking forward to playing in England again at Wimbledon and I am sure that I will play in one of the other tournaments before Wimbledon there in the future. Regards, Ana.