Ask Ana #12

Ask Ana #12

Trent: Hi Ana, I Just wanted to know what your favorite subjects are in terms of schoolwork, and well, based on this, if you were not a tennis player, what do you think you would be? - Huge thank you for your time : )
Ana: Hi Trent. When I was younger I liked a lot maths but lately not so much. Lately I prefer History and Geography. But if I wasn’t a tennis player I would like to do something with languages. I like languages very much. Regards, Ana.

Allan Robert Moss: Hello Ana. As you are wearing a ring on a finger of the left hand, does it mean you are engaged or married? Love watching you play.
Ana: Hey Allan. I am not engaged!! The ring was a gift from my grandparents for my eighteenth birthday last year. Before that I wore a ring that was a gift from my parents. Thank you very much for the compliment. Regards, Ana.

Kaca: Hi Anna. You are a very beautiful girl. I would like to know what do you like to wear off court and do you like to dress up?
Ana: Hey Kaca. Thank you for the compliment! It is always very nice to dress up sometimes. Colours that I like to wear especially are white and brown. I think from every fashion you can find something that fits you. I think it is most important that you feel comfortable in what you wear. I’m not really a fashion addict so if I find something that I think looks good and fits me then I am happy. I don’t like to wear too much make-up, I prefer the natural look. Regards, Ana.

kiki: Hello Ana! Congratulations! And I want to ask: Who is your favorite player in the ATP? What is your dream in the tennis? Thank you, bye.
Ana: Hi Kiki! My favourite male tennis player is Roger Federer. My dream in tennis is to be No.1 and win Grand Slams. But more important is to do my best. Regards, Ana.

Jess: Have you ever been too tired to train?? Is it common?
Ana: Hi Jess! No, it is not common. Training is not easy, it is not just hard physically but mentally too. Sometimes you have to work really hard and it is tough. But if you do not train hard you will not improve. I really believe that you must do your best, and of course that can make you tired. But I have a special programme, like most players. It is designed to push me hard, but not so hard that I cannot practice! Regards, Ana.