Ask Ana #13

Ask Ana #13

Vic: Ana, which City in Australia is better? Sydney or Melbourne? In all, when you were 5 yrs old, how many times did you beg your parents to take you to a local tennis school?
Ana: Hi Vic! My favourite city in Australia is Melbourne. The second question is funny! I don’t know how many times but I think it was probably for about one month! Regards, Ana.

Terry Voss: Would you consider yourself more of: Power player, Technician, or Defense oriented?
Ana: Hi Terry. I am definitely a power player. I attack a lot. But I think I have good technique, which allows me to hit the ball much stronger. Regards, Ana.

Matt: Hi Ana. Just wondering what a daily diet is for you and what foods you must eat a lot of. Are there foods that you never ever eat? Thanks for your time Matt
Ana: As a professional athlete you have to really watch what you eat. Before the match it’s usually just plain pasta, mostly carbohydrates. And I try to eat a lot of protein, such as meats. Regards, Ana.

Joe Rosensweig: Hi Ana- Wouldn't it be easier in tier 1 or 2 tourneys to not play doubles and tire yourself out? regards Joe.
Ana: Hey Joe. Doubles isn’t really tiring. It is a good way to practice and improve. I can’t say that I have been really tired from doubles. I think I am in good shape, I am working hard so I can play doubles and singles. But of course if I was too tired I would not play doubles! Regards, Ana.

Jay: Hi, I'm a Big Fan Of You, What’s Been Your Biggest Accomplishment So Far In Your Career?
Ana: It’s very hard to say because I have had so many enjoyable moments in my career so far. Winning Canberra was a great achievement for me. Also reaching the quarter-final of the French Open.