Ask Ana #14

Ask Ana #14

drum: Ana, you're so beautiful ! Can you still live a normal life at home, with school, boyfriends and such things?
Ana: Hi! Thank you very much for the compliment! Things have changed because I get recognized a lot when I go out in Belgrade but I try and live like I used to. I have the same friends and do the same things. I don’t think I’m a big star or anything like that. I am just Ana. Regards, Ana.

I love Ana: Hi Ana. I'm from Belgrade and i am your biggest fan. I love your game and I'm forward to French Open and I hope that you will defend points from last year. I'm wondering which player would you like to play with in the 3rd round because it will be a seed. I hope you will answer me soon. All the best and stay the best. I wish you good recovery from injury. See you
Ana: Hey! I do not think about this. Being a professional sportsperson is about accepting all the challenges and tournament draws make new challenges every time. So I don’t have a preference. But I can say that it would be great to play one of the top players again at Roland Garros – it doesn’t matter which round. Regards, Ana.

Roman: Hi Ana!!! I would like to know if you have any time for doing such common things as going to disco or visiting parties etc... as every teenager at your age... if not, dont you regret sometimes the fact that you are a tennisstar...
Ana: Hello Roman. I don’t have any regrets. Actually I am not really the party type. I go to the night clubs only very occasionally. I prefer to stay at home and talk with friends and my family. Regards, Ana.

Marleen: hey ana, i like your hair so much! it looks great...i love it :) can you tell me how you do your hair? best wishes, marleen
Ana: I like it straight but lately it’s curling up a little so it’s more wavy. But I have a hair straightener so I use it to make it more straight. I am glad you like it! Regards, Ana.

Andrea TC: Hi Ana, I saw you playing in you’re 1st and 2nd round at Nasdaq and it really amazed me how you got so devoted every time you hit the ball. Anyways I wanted to ask you if you ever thought when you started tennis you would be a pro? Thanks.. Ps: You’ve got a lot of fans in Venezuela!! Including me :)
Ana: Hi Andrea! Thanks for the question. Around when I was 12 I got a manager. That’s when I first thought I might be able to become a professional. That first sponsor and getting an individual coach helped me improve a lot in those few years. Regards, Ana.