Ask Ana #15

Ask Ana #15

Leni: hey ana! i just have a short question - do you apply some make-up when you´re on the court? anyway, you look beautiful! love, leni
Ana: Hey Leni. No, I do not wear make-up on the court. I prefer the natural look. Thanks for the compliment. Regards, Ana.

Jean: Hello Ana! My question is: Do you have any bad habits? Thank you for taking the time to read my question! P.S. I love you... in a non-creepy way :D
Ana: Hey Jean. I am not sure. Maybe I can be a little bit mean to my family sometimes! I can be quite stubborn! Regards, Ana.

Aleksandros: Zdravo Ana! I'm from Greece. Firstly congratulations about your big improvement as a tennis player. You work hard and you will soon be one of the best tennis players in the first 10.Your playing is very plastic! I have Serbian friends and i'm learning Serbian and about the Serbian culture too, considering Serbians as our brothers. I would like to ask you, if you plan to come to play to a Greek tournament and how would you consider our tennis player Lena Daniilidou. Pozdrav!
Ana: Hello Aleksandros. Unfortunately there aren’t any big tournaments in Greece and I was too young for the Olympics in Athens. But we don't know what will happen in the future. I do not know Elena very well but she seems to be a very nice girl and also a good player. Regards, Ana.

David Costa: Hi, Ana!!! It is a shame there are no big tournaments in Portugal so that I can see you play, at least once. If you don't mind I would like to ask you if you are superstitious and, if you are, which superstitions do you have on court! good luck!
Ana: Hi David. I never walk on the lines and also I bounce the ball only once before every serve. Regards, Ana.

Meryl: Hi Ana! If you could invite three people outside of your family to dinner, who would you choose?
Ana: Hi Meryl. It would definitely be three close friends! I would choose them and not famous people. Regards, Ana.