Ask Ana #16

Ask Ana #16

jonathan crawford: how long are you planning to stay pro just wondering what you have to say Thanks
Ana: Hey Jonathan. It’s so hard to predict. Definitely tennis is my life now and I think I will play as long as I’m fit. Regards, Ana.

Goran: Does it ever bother you when you travel overseas and the weather is completely different at your destination, and does the time difference from country to country effect your sleep?
Ana: Sometimes but not so much because we travel so much and you get used to adapting to the new time zones. But when I go back home and have some time off I sometimes don’t take so much care what time I go to bed, so then it can be difficult. But at tournaments it isn’t really a problem. Regards, Ana.

Nigel: I am interested that you'd like to be an interpreter. Do you think that learning English helps indirectly with your tennis, especially as you have just been playing in the USA? I noticed that Nadia Petrova won her first tournament when she finally become confident enough to speak English to the media. Sharapova, of course, already speaks excellent English, even with some humour. Sprechen Sie auch etwas Deutsch, weil Sie so oft in der Schweiz uben? (PS. I am nervous because I put a slightly rude/risque comment in your diary. It's a test of your English. Hope you were not offended.)
Ana: Maybe learning English and other languages makes you feel better about yourself and gives you more confidence, which can affect you on court. All the things you achieve in your private life can give you confidence, which can help on the court. I definitely need to improve my German! Regards, Ana.

Jess: What do you think about when your in a match? even when your behind? do you think outside of tennis or focus more on the match?
Ana: Hey Jess. Usually I am thinking only about the match. But sometimes it happens that your mind goes off tennis and you think about stupid things, like the book I was reading or things that happened earlier! But it doesn’t happen very often. If it does I punch myself to bring back the focus. Regards, Ana.

Mirros: When did you start using your current racquet?
Ana: Hi. I started using a new racket in Warsaw. It is the newer version of the n-code racket I used last year. I was one of the first Wilson players to use the n-code racket. Regards, Ana.

photo: © Stephanie Morel