Ask Ana #17

Ask Ana #17

Antonina: Hello , Ana ! I love your style and wish you to win a Grand Slam this yea.My question is - do you like the Serbian volleyball team, and if so who is your favourite player.Thanks and get well soon :)
Ana: Hi Antonina. I like volleyball but I don't watch TV so much. I can't say that I have a favourite player but maybe I will watch more. Regards, Ana.

Redwan: Hey Ana, I Watched You Play at the Australian open this year, you seemed to play pretty well in the first round, you obviously didn't play that well in the 2nd round but anyway, What Do You Enjoy Doing When You Have Spare Time? Do You Miss Your Family When Your On Tour?
Ana: Hi Redwan. It may sound boring but I am like anyone else really. In my spare time I like spending time with my family and friends. I like reading, watching DVDs and also cooking. I miss my family and friends so much when I am at tournaments so when I get home I just want to relax and spend time with them. Regards, Ana.

Vyacheslav: Hello, you are the very wonderful and beautiful girl all over the world!!! Have you a boyfriend?
Ana: Hey Vyacheslav. No, I do not have a boyfriend. I have not met the right person. Regards, Ana.

paolina: hi ana. i'm a boy but i couldn't find an atp player's website like urs to be such a powerful web so i just want to ask my question of u: that in ur opinion how much it will costs to become a tennis player?? for rournaments how much i have to pay??? thanks
Ana: Hi Paolina. I really do not know about money. My manager takes care of finances. But I can say that it costs a lot of money to become a professional tennis player. There is all the coaching, flying and hotel costs in juniors and seniors too. Unless you have a lot of money I think you really need some help. We could not afford all this without the help of my manager when I was younger. Regards, Ana.

jay: Do you ever plan to play the Acura Classic in La Costa? The fine folks of San Diego would love to see you play in person!
Ana: Hey Jay. San Diego is my next tournament! I am looking forward to playing in America again. Regards, Ana.