Ask Ana #18

Ask Ana #18

Nick: Hi Ana, I know you're a very young player, just coming into tennis, and I wanted to ask you: Is it harder being a young player or an older player in tennis?
Ana: Hey Nick. I think younger, because you feel less pressure. Most of the time you are playing against better, more experienced players and not feeling any pressure. So you can play your own game and that’s how there are some upsets. Of course one day I’ll be in the situation where I am playing younger players. Regards, Ana.

Roberto: Hi Ana, greetings from Italy. I´m a 23 y/o tennis lover, and I’ve watched your progress on the wta tour. congratulations. i have a question... what do you feel is the strike you should improve the most? and do you feel more comfortable playing from sideline or from the net? Take care and enjoy! Should you come to Italy, give me a ring alright? :-) Bye Roberto
Ana: Hi Roberto. There is no one stroke that I feel I need to improve especially but I must work on all areas of my game. The serve is very important though. I’m feeling more comfortable at the net but I definitely need to improve this still. Regards, Ana.

Katarina: Hi Ana! I'm your biggest fan and i want to say that i love you soooooo much. I would like to know what do you like most about your tennis life and what do you like least?
Ana: Hey Katarina. What I like the most is competing on the court. I love the competition and the excitement! The worst thing is all the travelling and missing my family. Regards, Ana.

NBGD_BOY: Hey anchy, looking forward to a next tournament our representativs will play , especially you. Just wanted to assk you, what do you think about Belgrade getting an oppen tennis stadium, because i think that our city deserves a lot more than a court Gemax. If not so , than , do u know of any idea our authoirities might have regarding to some indoor tournament in Belgrade Arena? Thanx , i hope u'll answer this one , Ajde !! :):):)
Ana: Hey. The Gemax is new and a very nice atmosphere to play in. But yes, I definitely think that there should be more tennis facilities in Belgrade. There are no indoor hard courts, just carpet. There are so many players coming up, so I think really they need to do something about it so they can have better training facilities. Most of us have had to go abroad to train. Regards, Ana.

Anne: Hi ana! You're always very smart and classy on a court so I was wondering What is your favorite brand clothes off court? and what kind of jewels or jeweler do u like?
Ana: Hello Anne. I like all kinds of jewellery but because I am tall I like to wear things that are quite long. I think they suit me better. Regards, Ana.