Ask Ana #19

Ask Ana #19

erica: hey ana i saw that you said that 18 is too old to become a profesional... im 14 and i just started is it to late for me?
Ana: Hi Erica. I’m afraid it is probably too late also, but it is difficult to say for sure. I know that most professionals began playing before they were ten, so I would have to say that 14 is also too old because really you must practice for 1,000s of hours to become a professional, so you need to start when you are young. But if you are determined enough you never know! Regards, Ana.

Rade: Hi Ana, My name is Rade from Kragujevac. But I live in Canberra. I met your mother while she was watching you practice before your semi-final match there. She was so wonderful to talk to and such a lovely lady. I saw her again after you won the semi (you played a great match) and congratulated both of you. My question is: I noticed you play in a similar way to Davenport, who is a great player. Did you plan to play in a similar way to her or did it just work out like that? Say hi to your mother and tell her that I will be there in Canberra to support you next year.
Ana: Hi Rade. Sorry I am answering this question so late! I don’t think I play similar to Davenport. I don’t like to compare myself to other players. I have an aggressive game, I like to go for shots and take risks. Maybe that is like some other players but I don’t think about that, I have my own game. Regards, Ana.

Clara: cao, i just wanted to know how do you manage your new life, i guess it's not easy everyday, how do u do with all this new fame, isnt it that hard? & to stay in touch with your old friends, well i just wanted to know how you do all that.take care
Ana: Hey Clara. I have a great manager and talk to my family a lot, so that helps me with all these new experiences. There are advantages and disadvantages about being quite well known. It is nice to see that people recognize you and maybe admire you in some way. This is a great honour. The worst thing is that sometimes you can lose your privacy. The first time when I saw myself in a magazine I could not believe it was me! Now I have got used to it, but I don’t like to watch myself on TV or anything! Also, not much has changed with my friends, they are the same people as before I became a professional tennis player and we talk about the same things that we always did! Regards, Ana.

Karsten: Losing a tennis match may be hard. But then it's only tennis... So, apart from sports what do you most regret to have lost?
Ana: Hi Karsten. I really don’t feel as though I’ve lost anything. I have no regrets! Regards, Ana.

Andy: Hi Ana, You have had a good week at Miami! And your at the doorsteps of a Semi berth in the doubles! Thats super! How do u feel partnering with Sania Mirza? Does she complement your style and will you look forward to playing with her more? All the best, Andy
Ana: Hello Andy. I don’t know if we will play again but probably because we are so young and have only just begun our careers. It is difficult to start all new partnerships because you don’t really know how the other person plays, but I thought we played two great matches together. Regards, Ana.