Ask Ana #20

Ask Ana #20

Jaco Wium: Ana, first, congratulations with an excellent career so far. You are currently in the Top 20 and attracting lots of attention and sponsorships. How much of your monthly schedule, on average, is devoted to sponsorship obligations, photoshoots, meetings and other off-court activities? Jaco
Ana: Hi Jaco. It is difficult to say because it changes from tournament to tournament. The Sony Ericsson WTA Tour has a program called “Aces” that we do, where we meet sponsors and sometimes children and have a hit with them, some things like this. We usually do four per week, lasting 15 minutes to half an hour. Usually I have press after every match too. Photoshoots – it really depends. Sometimes a magazine will ask me if I can do this, other times sponsors would like me to do something. I really cannot say how much time this is in total, but in the past year it has been I think five or six times, not much. I can say that being a professional tennis player is a lot more than just being on court! Also, thank you for your greeting. Regards, Ana.

David Costa: Hi, Ana!!! It is a shame there are no big tournaments in Portugal so that I can see you play, at least once. If you don't mind I would like to ask you if you are superstitious and, if you are, which superstitions do you have on court! good luck!
Ana: Hi David. I’m not really a superstitious person but there are two things that I have always done on the court: I don’t walk on the lines between points and I bounce the ball only once before serving. Regards, Ana.

Dijana: Hi Ana, Do you think Tennis has changed you as a person? -Dijana
Ana: Hi Dijana. It has changed me a lot. I think it has made me mature more quickly because I have had to deal with a lot of things, like the pressure and the media. It has been a great lesson for life. But of course I have the same friends and life at home with my family is the same. Regards, Ana.

Marcjswp: Hello Ana. Here’s my question... How exactly did it feel when you won your first title at Canberra. Must have felt amazing as you were only a qualifier. Share to us how you felt. Marc xx
Ana: Hey Marc. It was a great feeling, playing my first final. It was a little bit strange because I was playing the same player I beat in qualifying. I was a little bit nervous because of this – I thought that I had beaten her before, so I should do it again. Fortunately I played a very good match and was very happy to win this title. But there wasn’t much chance to celebrate though because I had to go to Melbourne for the Australian Open, which started the next day! Regards, Ana.

Cale: Hi Ana, Many people agree the aspect that separates you from other top players is your remarkably friendly and bright charisma, usually people with this quality are into things like reading & learning about culture and history etc.. Do you prefer reading about these things(non fiction) or prefer to read novels and so fourth(fiction).. Thanks!
Ana: Hey Cale. Thank you very much for this compliment. I do prefer non-fiction. I also read fiction but probably history books are my favourite. Regards, Ana.