Ask Ana #21

Ask Ana #21

SEElliott-TampaFlorida: Ana, playing pro tennis for sometime now, maybe you can explain during a match. I notice a player will win a set 6-1, and then turn around and get blown out in the second set 0-6...then making 3rd set a stressful one. Is there a rest period going on after you win a first set so big, and lose the second set so badly???.....usually winning the 3rd set. I don’t understand. You think you would run the second set like you do your first set??? Can you please explain this type of play, thanks my beautiful all-star WTA Idol
Ana: Hi. I think it has a lot to do with concentration, and often only a few points can decide the whole set. Sometimes a player can relax a little bit after winning the first set, and before they know it they have lost the second set. Also, the opponent may start to take more risks if they have lost the first set, so that is another explanation. Thank you for the compliment! Regards, Ana.

Kale: Hi Ana. You are the best, I love you. Can you tell me how do you celebrate when you win some big matches, do you go out for a dinner, go and party with your friends, or just stay home with your family?
Ana: Hey Kale. We always have a nice dinner, perhaps with some wine. Maybe we will choose a nicer restaurant than usual and probably dress up a little more. But we don’t go to a party! Thank you very much for the compliment. Regards, Ana.

Georgio: Ana I am always interested about your attitude on boys. What sort of man do you prefer?
Ana: Hey Georgio. First of all I think it is most important to be honest. Intelligence and funniness are good qualities too. What I don’t like in a man is arrogance. I also think it is also important for everybody to have a goal in their life. Regards, Ana.

Paolo: Hi Ana, How is your wrist used on the backhand and which kind of grip do you prefere for the front hand (it seems the continental one) ?
Ana: Hey Paolo. It is used mainly for control and to help with spin. For my forehand I use a semi-Western grip. Regards, Ana.

ben: hey Ana I am not very good in english but I have a question for you. I am your fan since you played Golovin at Zurich 2004. But my question is: all the matches against Golovin are close. What is the reason that she is so difficult to play against? Success with all the matches that you must played this year. I hope you answer my question. regards ben
Ana: Hi Ben. She’s a very good player. She’s also very young and has a lot of potential. She’s very consistent and does not have many weaknesses. Every time I must take my chances against her. Regards, Ana.