Ask Ana #22

Ask Ana #22

Ashley: My Question, On average how many rackets would you go through in one tournament? -Ashley
Ana: Hey Ashley. I don’t smash any! I always have six rackets with me. A few will be strung differently, maybe half a kilo less tension depending on the conditions, or if there are new balls. I don’t think I have ever used more than three rackets in one match. Regards, Ana.

sam sumanth: At IW, both you and Sania Mirza won the first set off Dementieva. In both cases she took a bathroom break after losing the 1st set. In both cases, neither you nor Sania could keep up the tempo - starting the 2nd set "cold" again. Do u think the bathroom break is abused, and does change a match around often? The men never take a bathroom break - even in 3.5-hr matches - NEVER!! Should the WTA change the bathroom break rules to avoid unsportsmanlike / gamesmanship tactics and how? (1 suggestion - penalize the player a point or even a game "for forgetting to go to the bathroom " before the start of the match. p.s. until then, you young ones gotta learn to handle these cheap tactics. Good luck at Miami, & the rest of the year - & your whole career. U r helluva sweet role-model for young girls like my daughter - thanks!! affly, sam :D
Ana: Hi Sam. I think that the bathroom break rule is sometimes abused. You are right, they can change the momentum in a match and I think sometimes players do use it as gamesmanship. Because you are sweating so much, no way do you need to go to the bathroom twice in a set. Perhaps they should only be allowed at the end of a set. Thank you very much for the compliment. Regards, Ana.

Mike: Hi Ana, I wanted to let you know you are doing a fabulous job with your website...I actually have been a fan of yours for a while and recently stumbled upon your website through the magazine Tennis, so you have been recognized for the outstanding job you are doing in this magazine. The one question I have for you is what do you feel is the next step you need to take to be in the upper echelon of players today on tour (top five)? I have every confidence that you will be there soon, just curious to see what your thoughts are on achieving that goal? Thanks. Best Regards, Mike
Ana: Hi Mike. I am glad that you like the website. I can’t say there is a ‘next step’. I think that I need to continue working hard. Actually I am probably working harder than ever, especially on my fitness. I am very excited about my new coach and I am confident that I will achieve my goals. Regards, Ana.

Jason Salim: Hi ANA, i was only the 13 years old indonesia junior tennis player. Maybe this look silly, do you want to participate at WISMILAK INTERNATIONAL TENNIS WOMAN TOURNAMENT 11 - 17 SEPTEMBER at Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia. I hope you want to participate at that tournament because i'm one of your fans!!! I'm really hope your participate. Please reply it!!! !!..THANKS..!!
Ana: Hi Jason. I am planning to play in Bali this year! Regards, Ana.

Dominique: Hey Ana! I love to watch you play tennis. I am 11 years old and I would LOVE to play professionally. I was wondering through all the hard work and training is it a great feeling to play pro?
Ana: Hey Dominique. Thanks for the compliment. It definitely feels great to play tennis professionally. I am very lucky to be doing this as a career. It feels even better when I think about all the hard work I have put in over the years. Motivation is very important: you have to want to achieve your goals enough in order to do the hard work. It is definitely worth it! Regards, Ana.