Ask Ana #23

Ask Ana #23

Stefan: Hi Ana, will you play Stuttgart this year Bye Stefan
Ana: Yes, it will be my second tournament back in Europe after Bali – I am also playing Luxembourg.

marcus: what do you find has changed the most since winning in montreal?
Ana: The win has given me a lot of confidence and belief. It is a great reward for all the hard work I have been doing with David and Scott and it motivates me to train harder.

Redwan: If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be and why?
Ana: This is a difficult one! Maybe Brad Pitt!

Eric: Hi Ana, I would like to know if you had time to visit Montreal in between your matched at the Rogers Cup. If you did, what did you like about the city. I work for the Rogers cup, and if you like, and can arrange something for next time. Eric
Ana: I was so busy during the tournament, I did not really do much. We walked around the Old City, that was the best thing. In the evenings we would have a nice meal and usually a short walk.

Jasmina: Jasmina: Heyy ana! how are you? i just want to let you know that you my FAVOURTIE tennis player and i love watching you play!! i would also like to know .. the sun glasses you wear .. do they have diamonds on the side?? coz i have the same ones i think! MWA ! cyaa GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE!
Ana: The glasses are made by Gucci but they are not real diamonds on the side!