Ask Ana #24

Ask Ana #24

Vic: Ana, the poll for the football rated Canberra as the second most boring city. But overall, Pretoria is the most boring city ahead of Canberra and Johannesburg. Because you won your first WTA title in Canberra, do you think that Canberra is the most boring city and a dreary city? I’m just asking because I am proud to be your fan. Answer please!!!!!
Ana: When we were there it was holidays so there were not many people. I didn’t get the impression that is was as lively a city as Sydney, Perth or Melbourne but probably in the other times of the year it is more lively.

Gabe: Hi Ana, when I watch tennis on TV, I often hear the commentators talk about the court/surface being slow or fast, and I find it confusing. I would really appreciate it if you would be kind enough to explain this to me. Good luck 4 French & Wimbledon.
Ana: There are many different speeds of tennis courts. The slowest is clay and the fastest is grass. It is all about how quickly the ball comes off the court, which affects how much time you have to make the stroke. Even hard courts have different speeds and the weather can affect the speed too. I think I have an all-round game that suits all speeds of court, so surface isn’t extremely important for me.

franco maldonado: Hi Ana my name is Franco, I’m from Argentina, I’m 24 years old and I want to ask you which are your highest expectations in your tennis career? P.S: You are incredibly beautiful. Franco
Ana: Thank you for the compliment! Tennis is such a mental sport. If you have expectations then I think it would affect your motivation and you might not achieve your goals. You should not take anything for granted. Instead, you should have goals and work as hard as you can to achieve them. My goal is to be No.1 in the world.

amrit pal: Have you ever been to India....?
Ana: I have not been to India. Maybe sometime in the future!

a french girl: Hi Ana! I just would like to know if you've already spoken to Marat Safin and if you like him. I'm sure you will have a great Rolland Garros and you are the best. Regards
Ana: Thanks for the compliment! I have not spoken to Marat. The only time I’ve really spent with him was actually when I asked for his autograph! I was at the airport on my way to the US Open junior tournament a few years ago. My cousin saw him and suggested I should try and get my photo taken with him. He kindly agreed to it!

Photo: Bruno Bisang