Ask Ana #25

Ask Ana #25

marshall: Ana I have watched a few of your matches. Have you worked on coming to the net more? When you pick your times to come you usually are very aggressive.
Ana: Yes, this is something I am working on. I think I have integrated it into my game a lot more lately, but it is still an area that I definitely need to improve. Playing doubles has helped my volleys. It is my wish to be a great net player.

Baresi: Hi Ana. I saw you being interviewed by Mary-Joe Fernandez in Montreal and you said that sometimes you are superstitious about your outfits. Could you tell us more about this? Thanks.
Ana: I’m not really superstitious about them, but sometimes I will keep wearing the same one if I think it will bring me luck (I will wash it of course!). But it’s probably silly, because I did not consider the top I wore in the Montreal final to be a lucky one, and I played one of my best ever matches!

tudor: Hi Ana how are you feeling? Ana I want to know more about you, tell me please how many languages you speak? I play tennis here in Israel and my favorite players are Novak Djokovic. I also want to know you will play this year here in Israel? Wish you a lot of good luck love. Tudor Bucataru from Israel
Ana: I speak Serbian and English. I also speak a little bit of German – I am trying to improve it! And I can understand some Spanish, because I used to watch one of the Spanish soap operas when I was younger. I am not playing in Israel this year but maybe sometime in the future.

Anna: Ana, I have watched you play, and I think that you are an incredible player, especially for being only a teenager. I admire you SO much, and I hope to play tennis like you someday. I am 13 years old. Can you please give me advice to help me improve my game in general and to improve my confidence in tennis? Thank you sooooo much. You are my most favorite celebrity and tennis player, and I really hope you answer this question. It would mean a lot to me because I admire you so much. Thanks a lot! Love, Anna
Ana: Thanks for the compliment! It’s difficult to give advice without seeing you play, so this is obviously general advice and it’s not really special! I can say that all you can really do is try your best. Confidence comes from playing well and winning matches. You can think a little bit about your preparation. Preparation is very important – everything from making sure you have everything in your racket bag, to knowing what tactics you will use in the match. Another thing is to stay positive – remember the good things from your play. When there are bad things, don’t dwell on them – just think how you can improve them. And try to focus only on tennis when you are playing. But of course, the most important thing is to have fun. And if you enjoy yourself, you will play better.

Jed: Hi! I don't remember where but I remember a player saying that his or her favorite players lounge is the one at at the US Open. Can you tell me what is in the players lounge?
Ana: The players’ lounge is a place where the players can relax during a tournament. It's a big room and there are many people there, not just players but their guests, coaches and agents. There are usually some games, like table tennis and video games, and many sofas. There is usually the players’ restaurant too.

Photo: Stéphanie Morel