Ask Ana #27

Ask Ana #27

Lena: Hey Ana! What was your first thought after you scored the matchball in Montreal? It was definitely a great tournament and I think a foretaste of what is to come. Does it help you to read the fan´s comments? Does it gives you confidence, or what do you feel? You´re an amazing tennis player! All the best!
Ana: Thanks for your compliments. My feeling when I won match point in Montreal was complete happiness. I was just so excited about this win, and that I played so well. I really enjoy reading your comments. It gives me confidence to know that there are so many people supporting me. I am very grateful and flattered.

mart!n: Ana, how many tournaments do you play each year and which is your favourite?
This year I’m playing around 20 tournaments. I have quite a few favourites: the Australian Open, the French Open and Zurich. And now Montreal too of course!

Luk: Hi Miss Ivanovic is it right that you play last year in Linz? I think also against tamira paszek...since that match I look at every newspaper where your name is in it. I hope you will win the grand slam in USA next year because you are a great player and it´s great to watch your tennis!!! My question is if you will play again in Linz? And do you have an boyfriend(you have not to answer but it would be nice^^)? bye kiss luk
Ana: Thanks for your compliment. Yes I am planning to play in Linz this year. I don't have a boyfriend.

John: Hi Ana! I can see you use a Wilson nSix-One Tour 90 racquet. Do you customise this racquet at all? If so, how?
Ana: I used to play with the Tour racket but I switched to the Blade. David and I talked about this. The Tour is very head-heavy but also very light. Because I have a powerful game I wanted something that gives me more feel. Wilson have kindly customized it for me so it is slightly heavier. Everyone can customize their racket by placing lead taping around different parts of the head.

lenka: Hi Ana.I want to ask you, when you loose at some tournaments, do you watch other matches on TV? Do you watch grand slam finals? And do you follow man's tennis?
Ana: I watch other matches on TV even if I am in the tournament still. I don’t watch a lot, but sometimes if it is on I will watch. I am not an expert about men’s tennis but I sometimes watch it, especially if it’s Federer.