Ask Ana #29

Ask Ana #29

chris: You have often said that Melbourne is your favourite city, and you have relatives there. What do you like about Melbourne? Do you do much sightseeing there?
Ana: I’ve probably done more sightseeing in Melbourne than at other tournaments, because I trained there last December, so I had some free time. Also my uncle lives in Mentone, so I have been there quite a lot. One of the best things about Melbourne is the people. I really like Australians: they seem laid-back and friendly. I’m very happy that both my coach and physical trainer are Australians.

JennaUSA: Do you have a favourite designer?
Ana: I’m not really someone who follows the fashions. If there is something I like I will wear it. But if I had to choose a favourite designer it would be Armani.

Steve_Mates: Hi Ana, I remember you said that you don’t wear make-up on court. But do you ever see other players applying it before matches?
Ana: Yes, you often see girls putting on make-up in the locker-room.

Heman Vira: Hi Ana I like your approach towards game at this age, you’re superb. Can you tell me what’s your goal for 2007? Wish you good luck
Ana: It’s too early to think about goals for next year! I still have many tournaments left this year. My immediate goal is to get into the top 10. If I don’t do it this year then I hope to achieve as soon as possible in 2007.

alexis: Hi Ana! You're my favorite woman tennis player so far. I'd tell the truth, I felt like men tennis is quite more exciting because they can finish a exchange in 1 or 2 shots and the have the power to really attack the opponent, something that I feel happens less in women tennis. I think you're one of those that has enough power to do things like men such and that's why you're my favorite one. What do you think of that and do you think women players will get stronger in the future? A big thank you from Alexis Montreal
Ana: Thank you for your compliment. I try to be very aggressive and step into the court. That is my game. I am also working on coming to the net more. I think that if you look at tennis players today, they are getting bigger and stronger. I think that being aggressive and dominant and having an all-round game is definitely the future of women’s tennis.