Ask Ana #2

Ask Ana #2

Mladen: Hi Ana, considering that I already know a lot about your tennis life, I would like to know which movies you like to watch and what music do you listen to?
Ana: Hi Mladen! I don’t have one favourite movie but two that I like very much are The Devil’s Advocate and Lajanje na Zvezde. My favourite music is R&B but I don’t have one favourite band. Regards, Ana.

GvoX_87: Ana, Greetings. One question. Do you think that once you will become #1 in the WTA rankings? Thanks you in advance. THE_BOYZ
Ana: Hi! I think it is important for a professional athlete to really believe in herself – you cannot succeed without belief. It has always been my ambition to be No.1 and win all the Grand Slams and I believe I can do it! Regards, Ana.

Dylan: G'day from Melbourne, Ana! Well I just wanted to ask you, apart from basketball, which you say you and also your brother like, and ofcourse tennis, do you like or follow any other sports, and if so what's your favourite team? Thanks, and keep up the great work! -Dylan
Ana: Hi Dylan! Apart from basketball I don’t really follow any other sports but I like volleyball. But I support Partizan teams in all sports! Regards, Ana.

vallon: hi ana i just wanna ask you one thing do you think its to late for me to start playing tennis im 18 so what do yo say ? i want to play tennis because you have inspired me in so many ways in my regular life my way of think my way of act im very poor and were i come from there is no future and you have inspired me to keep the faith and tennis is one way to get out of this mess keep goin girl hope you keep the faith in what your doing and keep inspiring people over the world :D it means much for people like me maybe one day i can play tennis against you (smiles) lots of love and hugs //vallon
Ana: Hi Vallon! I am very happy and flattered that I have inspired you in some way. 18 is not to late to begin playing tennis. It is never too late to begin playing tennis! But unfortunately to become a professional 18 is too late. Thank you very much for your greetings. I recommend tennis to everyone, you can learn so much from it. Regards, Ana.

Braco: Hi Princess, hope you will answer as you did when the site just started. Which Grand Slam would you like to win the most and why?
Ana: Hi Braco! This is very difficult to answer. Probably Australian Open. I love Melbourne and I love Australia! Regards, Ana.