Ask Ana #30

Ask Ana #30

Sven: Hallo Ana, I'm a big fan of you ever since I saw you first play. What I was wondering is, how doubles partners "find" each other. I mean, if you see somebody you want to play doubles with, do you simply ask the player, or do you ask your management to ask her management? And how do you actually register in a tournament? Do both players call a phone number? Thanks a lot, Sven
Ana: Thanks for your support. It varies, and it has changed for me because now I have a regular partner, Maria Kirilenko. Before, sometimes I would ask a player if they would like to play doubles with me at a future tournament. Other times my coach would speak to players and their coaches. It's something for coaches to do rather than managers. It was difficult because a lot of players already had agreements to play with each other, so sometimes you had to ask a few people before finding a partner. You have to sign-in for the doubles at 12pm the day before the draw takes place. Sometimes I do it myself, or often David does it for me.

Glenn: At what age did you begin learning English?
Ana: I was six.

Jan L: My question is easy, although is not about tennis, I hope you answer me. Recommend me the three most beautiful places in Serbia?
Ana: I have to first say Belgrade! There are also two beautiful mountains: Kopaonik and Zlatibor. Kopaonik is a ski resort. Zlatibor is not so high (about 1km tall) but you can find many beautiful valleys and forests there.

Kajsa: Hi, Ana. Is your name pronounced Ivánovic or Ivanóvic? I believe it's the first.
Ana: Yes, it’s the first one.

TIti: Hi Ana. I'd just like to know your full name if possible and to know with whom did you learn to face tennis so fearlessly and aggressively? Is it simply spontaneous?
Ana: My full name is Ana Ivanovic: I don’t have a middle name. Playing aggressively is my natural game. It has always been like this. My coach in Belgrade when I was young was Dejan Vranes. He supported my aggressive style and taught me good technique.