Ask Ana #32

Ask Ana #32

Shreenidhi: Hi Ana, who is your favourite actor?? And what is(are) your favourite movie(s)??
Ana: I would probably say that my favourites actors are Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino; actresses would be Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron. My favourite film is The Da Vinci Code. I like thrillers.

poochini: What do you think about Daniela Hantuchova?
Ana: Daniela is one of the nicest girls in tennis. We get on very well and had a lot of fun filming the Sony Ericsson commercial some months ago.

Antonio: Ana do you speak Italian? And how do you enjoy playing Internazionali d'Italia in Rome? Do you come in Italy also to play other tournaments?
Ana: I don’t speak Italian but I love coming to Rome. It is my favourite city to visit, along with Paris and Melbourne. The sights there are amazing. I was very disappointed I could not play there this year. I don’t play any other tournaments in Italy.

Arthur (from Russia): When will You come to Russia???
Ana: Hopefully soon!

joe rosensweig: have you ever played against Kim Clisters and or Justine Hardenne? Which do you think would be the tougher?
Ana: I have only played Justine so I can’t say who is tougher. They’re both really great players. Justine beat me in Warsaw last year. I was really looking forward to playing Kim in Toronto last year but I was injured so I had to withdraw. I have practised with her though. She’s a very nice girl.

Photo: Stephanie Morel