Ask Ana #33

Ask Ana #33

Bernice Ng: Hi Ana! Who's your favourite player now?
Ana: Still Federer! His game is just amazing, the way he moves and the shots he can play. He is also a great guy.

David_Rose: What's the most annoying question people ask you?
Ana: This one! Just joking. The worst is when sometimes in an interview they ask me about some other player, why they're not doing so well. I don't know what to say because it has nothing to do with me! Also it's not very nice when people ask you about some gossip that someone completely invented! But you get used to it.

Coyote: Which is the best set you’ve ever played?
Ana; I think the first set against Hingis in Montreal. I also played very well in the first set against Stosur at the French Open. In doubles Maria and I played definitely our best set in Montreal when we beat the Chinese players 6-0.

Sylvia: Hey Ana. You are very cool, do you like Switzerland?
Ana: Of course! Otherwise I would not train there. The landscapes are very beautiful and it is very peaceful. Thanks for your compliment.

doug: Ana, first I want to thank you for going to the time and effort of keeping your fans close to your life, you are the best! Hopefully we can give something back. In the last videos at US Open I noticed that your English has improved very much – i.e. in comparison to last year's French Open – do you have a special trainer? Or are you learning by yourself and family? Regards and best wishes, Matthew
Ana: Thank you very much for this message. I think that my English is improving all the time, so it is nice that someone has noticed. Languages are a special interest for me but I don't have a trainer! English is the main language in tennis so you learn a lot just by travelling and being at all the tournaments, speaking to almost everyone in English.

Photo: Stephanie Morel