Ask Ana #34

Ask Ana #34

manon: Hi Ana: Will you come back to the Wismilak Tournament next year? You lost too soon but did you enjoy the tournament? (the player party...) I would love to see you next year because I live in Bali.
Ana: My schedule for next year is not decided so I don’t know. I thought that Bali was an amazing place. We are very lucky as professional tennis players because we get to see the world and many great places. The scenery in Bali is unbelievable, but very different to what I have seen elsewhere. It is definitely one of the most exotic places I have ever been to.

Shanaz: I read that you sometimes have a shower BEFORE a match. Why do you do that?!
Ana: I can see why it may seem strange, but it is good to feel fresh when you walk onto the court. The warm water can also help loosen your muscles.

Leigh: hi ana! I think it is really cool that you answer your fans questions. I think you’re a great player and I wish you all the best and I can’t wait to watch you on TV play your next tournament. Anyways, I was just wondering what you do when you lose a match, what do you feel, do you get discouraged or do you put it in the past and go on to your next tournament? Hope to hear from you!
Ana: You have to be realistic about defeats. It is only really a tennis match that you have lost, and you can always learn from a defeat. The first half an hour or so after a loss is the worst time, but then I soon stop thinking about what went wrong and concentrate on the positives. Later I speak to my coach about it, so I understand exactly what went wrong. Every tennis player, not just professional but also in clubs, loses many matches each year, so you must learn to cope with it. Thanks for this compliment.

Serge: Which tournaments are you most looking forward to playing in next year?
Ana: I play all tournaments with the same passion. But like all players, the Grand slams are the most appealing to me. There are certain places I like more than the others, like Paris and Melbourne, but motivation is pretty much the same.

Optimum: I know you like historical thrillers and I notice you read a couple of books by Paulo Coelho. I love reading too. Which other authors do you like?
Ana: I also like Agatha Christie and Dan Brown. I like a mixture of fiction and non-fiction, so I read many different authors. My mum likes reading too so we always swap books when we have finished reading them.