Ask Ana #36

Ask Ana #36

san diego j.: Ana, I’ve been playing for about 20 years, and I still frequently have days where I feel like I can't get anything right and it seems like every ball lands a few inches long. So I was wondering if, at your level, you still have those days on the court when absolutely nothing goes right. Thanks! You’re beautiful!
Ana: Thanks for this compliment. You will be pleased to know that it happens to all players! Sometimes there are days when nothing goes well. You just hope it will be on a day when you are only practising and do not have a match. If it happens when you have a match it is so frustrating, but that is part of becoming a good player. You need to learn how to win when you are not playing so good.

Marcjswp: Hey ANA! I love your ask ana section, really helps your fans get to know you so much more. My question is, what Grand Slam was your favourite this year? and why?
Ana: Thanks. It would have to be Wimbledon. I reached the second week for the first time and I cannot be upset to lose to Mauresmo, who was No.1 at the time and she won the tournamnet. Melbourne was a big disappointment and I wasn’t happy with how I played in the third rounds of Roland Garros or the US Open. I had this good win against Safina at Wimbledon and was quite happy with the tournament overall.

val: What means aide? In Romanian language means come on
Ana: “Ajde” also means “come on” in Serbian.

George Lorimer: Hey Ana. My question is about looking ahead in a tournament draw. Do you look ahead to see who you might meet or concentrate on one match at a time? I think it's probably best not to look ahead in case it affects how you perform in a match. Last week I noticed that a lot of the top seeds were beaten early so it would have been hard to predict your opponents anyway. Regards, George, Northern Ireland.
Ana: It’s impossible not to look at your draw, but I am focussing only on my first round match. It’s very important not think about other matches. That would be a waste of mental energy and it could be a distraction for the earlier matches. It is definitely about thinking one match at a time.

fay: Hi Ana, you are very talented and dedicated, I wondered why do you love tennis? I love it because of the joy i get out of striking the ball, but why do you?
Ana: Thanks for this compliment. I also enjoy striking the ball but probably what I enjoy most is the competition. I love to compete and being on the court for a match is the most enjoyable part.

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